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    Get up and pick up the pieces again
    They got knocked over in my sleep
    The sun isn’t even up yet
    But my thoughts are razor thin

    My breath echoes through the hallow spaces
    Between light and dark
    There’s no one’s name to call out
    And no hand to pull me in

    I can’t see in front of me
    And I can’t run away
    Silence isn’t even here with me
    As I scream into eternity

    Don’t make me repeat it
    Because you heard me before
    I’m not ready to walk this road
    So carry me

    Too many alarms had warned me
    But I ignored each one
    Now I’m balancing on the edge
    Of unpredictable beats

    Drop out of the sky
    My memories that shatter like dreams
    If I try to catch one of you
    You’ll only bathe my sheets

    Stumble down the stairs again
    And land on my head
    I can’t take another step
    And there’s no one to lift me up

    As wine drips down my cheek
    I drag my corpse off the floor
    And lay it gently on ice
    There’s only me to clean up

    It’s getting hard
    And to easy to forget
    The faces in the memories
    Don’t mean anything

    I want to trace my steps
    But the snow covered them over
    And I’m too tired
    So I’m lost, searching

    I’m blind
    And there’s no wall to hold onto
    But if I can just hear a voice
    I can follow, flying

    Until the lights come back on
    And I only see
    I’m still in bed
    Staring at darkness parting

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    Re: Dream

    THAT WAS GOOD!!!!!

    late at night in deep of
    sleep a dream confusion runs
    deep the storm how it calmed
    me but i awoke with a dream
    i thought i herd someone scraming
    a silent scream

    the wind how it blew and shook my
    house i could feel him deep inside of me

    his eyes they cried, cried of blood and his
    hert pumped tears of salt i never to known
    of a vision to be so real a dreamer of a screamer
    tell me how dose it feel

    im tired again and afarid to sleep afarid I'll
    hear the slient scream

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    Re: Dream

    That was an awesome poem!!! It was so deep and touching well th me! It was just very lovely how you just said it! I hope to see more!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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