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Thread: Dream… or Nightmare???

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    Talking Dream… or Nightmare???

    Hey! i didn't know where to put this really...

    Once I had a dream of the Lord…
    ‘Give me a chance’ I said to him.
    ‘Let me taste the world and fear.’
    But just as my journey begins,
    All my memory he wipes clear.
    ‘Follow your heart, wherever it leads.’
    Was advice once given to me.
    I follow my heart across land and sea,
    But I still don’t know what I should be.
    ‘What is my purpose? Why do I live?’
    Are the questions that I ask Him.
    Then I remember what my people did,
    We handed his son to die so he should be rid.
    He died both willingly and full of love for mortal man.
    For all our sins, now and then of all the land.
    To cleanse us all of darkness and chaos.
    So that we may, all be able to enter His house.
    ‘So my purpose is to help your people cross?
    Into your most divine realms?’ I ask at a loss.
    Then abruptly I woke, but like in a trance.
    Confusion in me, then I remembered the words ‘Give me a chance!’
    ‘So it was my choice? I chose to be here?’
    But just as my confusion disappears,
    New confusion forms… ‘Why?...’

    Thanks for reading it though i hope u don't find u wasted ur time
    Life's short so have a laugh about it

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    Re: Dream… or Nightmare???

    i enjoy reading poem with religious connotations.In my opinion,the quality is supurb,the choice of words allows the poems to flow and the rhythm beats nicely.Thumbs up.I enjoyed it.

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    Re: Dream… or Nightmare???

    Hmmm. It's neither a drem nor a nightmare. It's a vision! ^_^ i love it. It's very unique and i find the theme you chose very interesting, keep it up!

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