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Thread: Dream and Nightmare

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    Dream and Nightmare

    ~Dream and Nightmare~

    When the night falls, I'm dreaming of you
    Feels like you're back again, and your love is true
    The peaceful silence and the smile on your face
    The touch of your faith and your warm embrace
    Your hands and eyes that caresses me
    Takes me to where I used to be
    Everything seems so peaceful and fine
    You take me away till the end of times
    The dream reached out to Rainbowland
    I see you wink, holding my hand...

    Then suddenly everything turns black and red
    The peaceful thoughts gets lost in my head
    You walk towards me with evil red eyes
    And let go, your wonderful angel disguise
    You yell at me with words that bleeds
    And cut through my heart so I couldn't see
    You run away towards a cursed red light
    And left me bleeding behind, without sight...

    I scream for you to come back to me
    That's when I wake up, too binded to see
    The sunlight that glanced through my window
    Makes me realize this emptiness real slow
    Another morning confused and afraid
    Woke up to realize the choices you've made
    Tries to forget the memory and past
    An endless dream and nightmare to last...


    This was the poem I wrote about 2 years ago... When my ex cheated on me badly. It's still very personal and I just wanted to share it, since I'm over the big breakup now. I know it rhymes very bad, but it's just what I wrote back then. I expressed my emotions and feelings I had every morning, over and over. Let me know what you think of it, it means a lot to me. Thanks.


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    Re: Dream and Nightmare

    I thought it was pretty good.
    Usually I am not one for poems that have that have alot of rhyming in them, but I actually liked this one.
    I could tell that you actually experienced something painful and you weren't just pretending to write about something you had never experienced before.
    It was really heartfelt, great job, I look forward to seeing more ^-^
    "I'm a young soul in this very strange world hoping to learn a bit bout' what is true and fake"

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