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    Do you know that the best weapon to kill is love...
    Well is a weapon and at the same time is a cure;
    Why a cure?
    Because it can heal a broken heart,
    But also can kill a person with a simple lie.

    What!! A lie???
    Yes, a lie.

    Sometimes love is only for one side of the couples,
    He or she dream that the other person feel the same way,
    But in the end is not like that.
    Everything is a lie.

    But love can also be a cure,
    Many times one comes really hurt from past relationships,
    But the love of that someone can make your heart smile again.
    And forget about what make him hate.

    Love is love,
    Sometimes good,
    Sometimes not.

    That's why I call my self a dreamer,
    Because I dream with a forbidden love;
    Even though I love her this much,
    Is just impossible to win her heart.

    I will continue dreaming,
    Until someone come and heal my heart,
    With the same love, that once made me cry.....
    Do not dwell in the past... do not wonder about the future... just life the present to the fullness...

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    Re: Dreamer

    An honest and open retelling of past let downs. Well composed.

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