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Thread: Dreams

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    Bombs go off,
    The rockets blare,
    Everyone screaming,
    No one can hear.

    You start to ache,
    Your body goes numb,
    Your mind is still working,
    But you feel so dumb.

    You try to get out,
    Then you hear sirens whirl,
    You cannot escape,
    From this God awful world.

    First you feel scared,
    Then you get mad,
    Next you are happy,
    Then you are sad.

    You then start to sweat,
    Above your top lip,
    And you feel it on your forehead,
    It's starting to drip.

    God, someone please help me,
    You then start to shout,
    Hoping someone will come,
    And let you out.

    You run and you run,
    but still no escape,
    You fell you will be forever,
    Trapped in this place.

    Then someone or something,
    Makes you start screaming,
    And you jump up and realize,
    You were just dreaming.

    You feel scared at first,
    Then you think "oh well",
    You go back to sleep,
    Trying not to think of that hell.

    So next time you wake,
    Screaming while lying in your bed,
    Just remember that dreams,
    Are all in your head.

    -Dedicated to the nightmares that find me while I sleep at night-
    X.x.X The only thing I'll ever want... X.x.X

    X.x.X Is for you to love me the way I love you.. X.x.X

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    Re: Dreams

    Very nice poem Jamie.

    ps: You already know what to do to stop those nightmare from occurring. Its all up to you to do so. Good luck.

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    Re: Dreams

    i liked reading your poems ^^ the flow was really good hopefully you'll stop having nightmares?
    I'm the best you'll ever have because i am that f*ing AMA-zing chic who can stand on her own d*n feet and becasue of you I am the Greatest Thank you so much SasuraiHell and Gwen

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    Re: Dreams

    Love the poem and it really explains how the world runs while we sleep and it also makes me feel sad inside so sad that all the thoghts of suiside come out at once but can't come true because my mind can't make a decision.
    His bell is tolling for you

    He wants you to come home

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