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Thread: Dreski Hang Out 2

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    Dreski Hang Out 2

    Me and the Boys were all outside getting smashed.
    Heading for the bushes Dreski did a mad dash.

    You could hear sounds of him hurling, and heaving.
    But the events yet to occur were beyond believing.

    He, stood up, wiped his mouth, did a victory dance.
    Then laughed like a mad man and pulled down his pants!

    Nate and I Giggled "Put your clothes back on Dude".
    Then Dreski ran down the alley, half nude!!

    Nate and I looked at eachother with fright.
    "We cant just let him go running through the night!"

    We hopped in Nates car, and took off down a hill.
    But all this exitement was making me ill!

    I rolled down the window, I needed some air.
    We saw Dre run past, "Catch me if you dare!"

    So, Nate took the challenge and put on some speed.
    Then some Cops spoted us! Thats the last thing we need.

    The Cop said "Slow down! Are you all insane?!"
    And all in a panic we tried to explain.

    "Lemme guess, you're chasing your friend with no pants?"
    Dreski emerged from the squad car with cuffs on his hands.

    The cop said, "Alright, I too was a kid.
    So I'll let you guys leave and think about what you did.

    I told yah'll there was more to tell of my fun!
    If you haven't you should read Dreski Hang out (Part 1).
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Dreski Hang Out 2

    I love it!!!!!! And sorry! I haven't read the first one but I LOVE THE SECOND ONE INDEED!!!!!! I bet the first one great as well so yah!!!!!!! I hope to see more or the continue of this if it continues!!!!
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