At a parallel intercourse, i believe that we are fates of our times a fact that proofs for a lifetime sanctuary!
I shall begin with them...

In a course for love...
They seemed to be in different paths
Raf has a crush on Maricar
But it seems that Maricar somehow has a fear and Raf has a fear that they would be friends but she feels uneasiness when he was close to her
Will Raf able to confessed his love to her?

And the three of them has crush on Monica
Monica is pretty, cute , intelligent , sweet, and most of all she is kind to everyone
Darwin confessed on Monica but he was rejected
However they are good friends now
Jason on the other hand is courting Monica through text
The same as Darwin, they are good friends
The last is Michael James he hasn't the courage to confessed his love to her
How will it end? Who will wwin the love of Monica?

Of course this one is wrecking up storm since the first day of school
John David is my friend and I'm deeply concerned about his current love life
Ada is linked to him the fact they have been fallen in love with each other
But she denies it even though it's noticeable everytime they are the topic
Will it be a happily ever after for the both of them?

I myself have been fallen in love with two girls taht I adore much and loved the most
Maricar is the first girl that I fall in love sicne I came to Manila
I don't deny it however I know she is liking someone else
I confessed to her but she doesn't said a word until then
She has the intellectual prowess that I adore much and she is kind to everyone
And I have girlfriend whom is very far away from me but is veary close to my heart
We loved each other and since I met her, I have changed alot!
I don't know how this would end but ever more we all shall be fates of our times

Destiny binds all the pieces together...the DUELS OF FATES!