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Thread: Dying to tell you this

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    Dying to tell you this

    I've just been dying to tell you this
    I lived, i hurt, i witnessed bliss,
    I tried and I won more then I'd wished.
    I learned to love even after losing you
    I learned to fight even if I know I'll lose.

    These thing you tought me and therefore I wouldn't stop
    I did more then you dreampt I would,
    I felt more than you touched,
    I cared for more than you got to,
    Just because you only wanted to do so much.

    You said to love like never before everytime I could,
    I loved everyone and more than anyone should.
    I guese they all knew you told me to,
    They knew to love this hard it had to be for you.

    Oh yes, I've just been dying to tell you this
    All thoughts completely lost in abyss,
    Every day waited to come here and tell this the right way,
    Hoping to make you proud, so I left my life today
    Just dying to tell you this.

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    Re: Dying to tell you this

    This is really good. Great emotion from it. Keep up the good work.

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    Re: Dying to tell you this

    its really awesome how you put so much emotion into this poem Cassie! it seems like that this has actually happened to you
    the worst feeling is not Death, its knowing that you aren't needed,

    that you are alone in this world, and that you no longer have a reason to live...

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