I saw you swimming in a sea of
changing faces, yours was the only one
staying the same.

You took my hand, said close your eyes, I've
got you a surprise.

The shuffling of our sneakers, the racing
in our breath, secret conversations put to rest.

Looking through your eyes I see stars with
embers waiting to burst into flame and shower
the way to your mind and heart.

And what if the end were to come,
what if we all died young?
Would we be satisfied?

And what if our friends never called,
what if our mothers didn't care?
Would we all sit around feeling sorry for ourselves?

You keep me guessing while the world falls
apart around me, you keep my heart beating

And I've got a room full of dead space,
let's make something of this place.

Let's sift through the crowd and start living
for ourselves.