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    Exclamation Fight

    Fist in hand.
    Here goes.
    Final stand.
    who wins? who knows?

    One holds a sword
    the other a lively chain.
    The clashing heard,
    not yet in pain.

    Swing swiftly,
    but dodge as well.
    The loser of this fight,
    gets sent straight to hell.

    The air displaced
    as it is cut apart.
    "With my blade!" he says,
    "I'll cut out ur heart"

    Sparks fly,
    dust fills the air.
    Not yet to die,
    frightful stare.

    The skin parts,
    as the chain enters.
    Gone right through his heart,
    The metal splinters.

    Far fall to his knees.
    Sword dropping,
    his chest bleeds.
    His heart stopping.

    Valiant he stands,
    laughing as the other falls.
    On knees and hands,
    he hears hell's call.
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