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Thread: Embracing a New Beginning

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    Embracing a New Beginning

    Feel the pleasure of the night
    And acknowledge not the turmoil of the day
    Let the night not pass away without the sound of your voice
    But let it be filled with the ecstasy that belongs only to you and me

    I care so much for the love we continue to create
    A lifetime of joy springing forth from a few simple actions
    I don't care that people say that this is wrong
    Or that this love I feel burning within me is not real

    We don't need their approval
    The most forbidden of fruits is always the sweetest
    And oh what sweetness I taste every time you are near

    I only regret that in the light we are concealed
    Though in the night all is laid bare before you
    Why wait for the end of my life
    To taste the honey of heaven
    Again and again I taste the intense sweetness on my lips
    I have endured a lifetime of pain
    For the pleasure I feel now

    Press your lips to mine
    And feel the warmth emanating from me
    Let it consume you
    And hold back nothing from me
    I want our love to be passionate
    Intense but oh so sweet

    We will not fall to the wayside and let this love die
    This is only the beginning
    A beginning I will embrace
    Until my last breath escapes me

    Our love will go on until the end of time. I will always be yours and you will be mine.

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    Re: Embracing a New Beginning

    This by Far is the best one i have seen from you.I simply loved it, it was filled with love, passion,desire and oh so much emotion.It was very smooth Ito read IMO,not many things i seen wrong with it.Just i like that its not dark like you usually do its very nice to get away from those time to time.
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