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Thread: Emo syndrome

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    Emo syndrome

    Weak in the knees and light of the head,
    I wish I weren't stuck in this body,
    Wish I was just dead.

    So tired and worn, so broken and torn,
    I wish I knew the way off this ride,
    Everything just makes me want to hide.

    Scared and feeling alone being without a home,
    Wish I knew how to fix this,
    Wishing I wasn't so twisted.

    Something wicked this way comes,
    Realizing it's just a mirror,
    Makes everything seem so mush nearer.

    Heart beat pounding in my temple,
    Throat dry and parched,
    While fingers tremble.

    Blood trailing down my leg,
    Oh shit, dear god, I did it again,
    Emo syndrome, just let this end.

    Started strong and towards the end I lost it because I got distracted. Enjoy anyways.

    You never really loved me/You never really cared/It was all just a game to boost your ego/Those feelings never really there/ I'm filing emotional bankruptcy/My heart can take no more debt/Theres no more "money" there to spend. === Besides tee hee SHE loves me!

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    Re: Emo syndrome

    I like this one, it just sucks that you're havin' such a hard time. I bet I don't help much either--being the difficult a-hole I am.

    I hope things get better for you and keep up the good writing. BTW:

    Makes everything seem so mush nearer.
    I like this line very mush. LOL. I'm sorry, I just had to point that out. ^_^

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