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Thread: Emotions

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    Sometimes I’m happy,
    Sometimes I’m sad,
    Sometimes I’m in pain,
    A lot of times I’m mad.

    Sometimes I laugh,
    Little do I cry,
    A lot do I feel hatred,
    Sometimes I wanna die.

    Sometimes I lie,
    Sometimes I don’t,
    Yet I don’t know why,
    And sometimes people won’t.

    Sometimes I feel joyful,
    Most of the time I feel rage,
    Many times I have felt pain,
    I always feel like I’m stuck in a cage.

    Time to time I’m hyper,
    Time to time I feel glee,
    Most of the time I feel anger,
    Yet I know I’m in misery.

    I have friends,
    That I can trust,
    Sometimes they hurt me,
    Forgiving them is a must.

    I always try to think happy,
    Yet I can’t hide the fact that I’m mad,
    Yet I bottle up my feelings,
    Can’t even trust to tell my mom and dad.

    I give my friends my crap,
    Telling them how I hate,
    Yet that makes me even sadder,
    Them knowing isn’t fate.

    So, never am I happy,
    I am always sad,
    I’m always in pain,
    Doesn’t that make you glad?

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    Re: Emotions

    .......................okay. someone needs some 'ahem' in their life. nice poem. hope your not emo. we have enough of them around here. ice rhyming and plz be hapy

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