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Thread: Empty Land

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    Unhappy Empty Land

    I had a vision… where everything had vanished.
    I don’t know where or why it went…but it did.
    Things seemed to be empty…
    No cities, houses or cars,
    No trees or animals.
    It was both scary & joyful at the same time.
    Like before the world was made and yet…
    As if it was after it was destroyed.
    There were no sounds, thoughts or feelings.
    All I saw was white and it hurt to watch,
    Because there was nothing to see.
    I didn’t know if it was heaven or hell…
    Because it seemed so innocent,
    But at the same time cold and formidable.
    So where or what was it...?
    I don’t know… but I know I don’t want to go back!

    Hoped u liked it! But 4 real... it was scary!
    Life's short so have a laugh about it

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    Re: Empty Land

    Good poem it was really imaginative. I'm sure it was scary cause that kinda of thing would be scary for anyone.
    "Sunset Kisses Along The Beach"
    Made for me by HolderofTheDarkChalice
    Thanks so much I love it!

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