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Thread: In the END

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    In the END

    In People hurt me
    And talk about me
    Behind my back
    No one ever told me
    It’d go done like that

    I work my ass off
    To pay my bills
    My car note, my taxes
    Pain is what I feel
    No time to relax
    Until my end
    I leave all my stress
    To my so called friends

    I have no time
    To fall in love
    So I do what I do
    And I does what I does
    I killed cupid yesterday
    To guarantee
    No more love

    Trust me
    Happiness is not free
    It costs
    Pain, agony, and misery
    Trust me
    You’ll see

    But in the end
    We’ll all die
    And in the end
    We’ll cry, and look in his eye
    And In God’s arms we’ll all fly
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    Re: In the END

    hey shippo long time no see your poem has some grain of truth but dont give up happiness costs pain and misery or it would be worth nothing the only way is to get up and move on after the fall

    The brighter a light shines, the thicker the shadows fall

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