The soldiers looked at their leader with maniacally evil faces, and then, like savages beasts; they began to devour the dead bodies, of the elite demons.
Saigon sat on the building, thoughts of his wife and his daughter were running through his mind. Ciel… daddy will be home soon. Kiki… keep our daughter safe… I love the both of you.
A soldier jumped on to the building and stood next to Saigon. He looked at him, and noticed it was the same soldier, who had stood next to him on that balcony. “Sir, we’re ready.”
Saigon got up, and patted the soldier on his shoulder. “Men! Line up! We’re marching right in, and we’re killing each and every one of those wretched and worthless monsters!”
The soldiers lined up as soon as Saigon was done commanding. Their jaws had blood residue on them. They were filled with energy, ready to kill, annihilate, drink blood and feed on demon carcasses.
The march to the demon command center was not a long one, but they encountered small obstacles—demons, and other creatures that weren’t dead—but were dealt with quickly.
The command center was a large dome like building, made out of patted clay. It was the last remaining architecture that wasn’t wiped out, or half ravaged.
Saigon and his army stood close to the army. Saigon’s grip on his swords tightened as he said “We break down the walls, and slaughter all of them, no one lives, not one of those bastards! They’ll pay for what they did. They need to see just who they’ve pissed off.”
In the inside of the command center, there was complete and total disruption, demons and all kinds of creatures running around for weapons, all getting ready for the final confrontation.
Of all people, Rox was the calmest person inside the center. He was still looking out his window. They’re finally here… heh heh… now I can have some fun. He comfortably got up from his chair, and walked to a closet. He pulled out his red cape, and tied it to his neck. He then pulled out his broadsword, and smiled smugly at it.
The small critter walked into the room, quivering in fear. Rox looked at him slightly vexed. “What do you want?”
The creature jumped in fear. “My lord, we’re ready to their attack. They won’t last long. We’ve got the entire perimeter ready.”
Rox saw something fly by the corner of his eye. “Hmm… the perimeter is ready? I don’t think they’re going to attack the perimeter-”
The creature tilted its head in a taken aback manner. “What do you mean my lord?”
Rox smiled.
Suddenly a dark ball of fire came crashing into the command center. It lit everything it touched on fire, and when it collided with the ground, it stood there, burning. “What the hell is that?” The small creature asked.
Rox’s smile increased in malevolence. “That would be our enemies.”
The fire soon became ‘see through,’ and the demons were able to see the hidden army inside the fire!
Without hesitation the demons were firing and pitching all the projectiles they could into the ball of fire. They soon had run out of ammo and had to reload.
The fire began to fade away slowly. Saigon became visible. His two swords were covered in dark purple flames. He uttered the words “Now… let’s finish this” Quietly.
His soldiers cocked their weapons and began spraying and ejecting individual slugs at the enemy. The evil creatures, didn’t know what to do, some evaded the attacks, barely injured, while others weren’t as lucky, and were wasted by pellets. Grenades and different explosives were set off, in this war of projectiles.
The demons’ morale was slowly decreasing… they were almost completely wiped out. Their blood oozed all over the building, bullet holes, and blood covered what was remaining of the walls.