Endless Nights of Heaven

There once was a angel that loved the dark alleys of heaven.
The other angels seen him an laughed.
The angel was tore up about being laughed at an it drove him deeper.
He went so deep into heaven, an found secrets the other angels never knew existed.
Apart of heaven that only he could inhabit.

The angel took this as a blessing a home of his own.
Away from all the other angels that laughed at him.
Living in seclusion, a joyous thing had occurred.
It was dark an dank, places that light never touched.
A endless night in heaven.

Dear god, thank you for this blessing.
The angel prayed every night, he loved his little dark alley home.
One day a feather from heaven fell from the sky.
A beautiful golden light blue sparkling, glimmering as it fell on his knee.
Enticed the angel left his hiding place in heaven, he must find this angel.

He searches the very bowls of heaven an he found no trace.
What kind of angel has blue wings, he thought.
Where was this angel, a true beauty, someone that could be his, an nice to him.
He looked in a window in heaven an seen his face.
How would something so beautiful, want something like me.

So the angel gave up his search, an sulked slowly back to his home.
The other angels laughing at his hideous black dark eyes.
He finally got home, something glimmering in the dark.
Blue… a reason to believe.
A gorgeous blue angel wings larger than the open sky of earth, gods gem.

Dear angel of mine, the other blue angel reached out an touched his face.
His darkened eyes expanding a rush of green flooding them.
The angel disappeared before she was done.
Leaving rings in his eyes an nothing but a rush of blue feathers.
Stripping of his heart, an leaving his eyes to water alone.

Why… my angel… where did she go.
He prayed each night, dear god where has my angel gone.
There was no answer in heaven, for a grieving heart.
So he left his shadows again, walking out into heaven.
All the angels screamed an pointed at his back.

His wings are blackened, his wings his wings.
Cast this one aside, the tips of his wings, can u see them.
Such a cursed thing, the wings of this angel.
Wing tips so black like coal, impure they scream!
Dark disgusting thing, the angels of heaven chanted in rhythm.

My wings he grabbed an rubbed, my beautiful wings.
His eyes watered, a flood of tears.
My wings, gods forsaken me, he screamed, his wings flying from his body towards the sky.
He flew as far as he could, never used them before, he tired as soon as he reached the doors of heaven.
There he looked at the keys in the door, taking them out an opening it.

Below him the clouds of god’s gem.

Dear hopeless heart, I leave you this note, he wrote on the doors of heaven.
You can find me amongst the worlds.
My wings shed, my hands washed cleaned, my heart crying for your blue wings.
Please find me one day… the angel fell from heaven.

Disgusting humans, ill fit in with them he cried his tears causing a great flood on earth.
Disgusting so worthless he cried harder the water flooded over the mountains.
Wings so black, wings so black, be true to me shed your glory.
The angels wings slowly scattered around his body, as he landed in the sea of tears.
My heart, the angel grabbed his chest moistened in the sea… it hurts.

After many days an nights, the angel had finally stopped crying.
He seen his reflection in the water.
Large dark circles under his eyes.
He had forgotten who he was, forced to slowly forget everything.
The angel stood up, finding himself laying on a field of grass.

I am man, he said looking down at his body.
For a instant he reached back to touch what wasn’t there anymore.
A hole in his heart, he wandered towards the civilization, always searching for something.
Night after night passed with the humans.
No one said anything to him anymore, he had became truly invisible.

Night after night the man tossed an turned, years went by then centuries.
The technology grew more an more advanced, he had always needed something to see out of.
His eyes a light shade of purple below them, each morning.
The few friends he had, he couldn’t be with very long.
He had to wander, to find something..

One night the man had grown tired of his existence.
I have lived many years he said staring down at the knife.
Who will miss me, but no one.
The knife raised to his wrist seconds from ending his very life.
She appeared, stop my love her hand grabbed the knife.

A warm sensation he felt, as the hand covered his.
Dear man that once was a angel, her eyes stared deeply into his.
My dark eyed man, please remember me.
I was lost in heaven, trapped because of my transgressions.
For I was the one that tainted your eyes.

The man now realized what he had become.
Lower than the alleys of heaven, a night a bottomless night.
Dear angel, his hand touched hers.
I am nothing but a man, a man so frail an innocent.
How do I know of you an your kind.

Because dear man.
Man of the night, you can feel your own wings as if they are still there.
Because you are a hunter, a wanderer searching for me.
I am your beloved.
Your blue winged angel.

The wings had evolved the man to his angel form, encompassing him.
Warming his very heart, the tips was still black.
The tears feel once again, but the angel stopped them.
I am yours, she said as she bend down an kissed his lips.
His heart had melted an they had became one, a star shone brighter that night

It is true you know.
About what they say.
In heaven or in earth one day.
Your heart will find its way.
Look in the sky at night, it’s a map for the lost.

Dear angel of mine, please find your way to me.


Dedicated to all those people out there that have lost a love, an are searching. Love does come back in different ways, you know… I know a angel that told me it was true. Enjoy.

I found my love, hope everyone else can too ^_^,

This story was written over 5 hours, i feel in some parts i did fail at, an it still isnt finished the revising still has to be made, but i hope you all enjoy the little love story of love angels.