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Thread: Enduring Love

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    Enduring Love

    I am made strong by love I give and receive.
    Things change but on you I can always believe.
    No matter what might occur,
    Know our love will endure.

    Long after mountains are covered by blown sands,
    If the Heavens tear and gray moon decides to fall,
    Centuries later I will love you more than all.
    Among stars together our souls will clasp hands.

    Hello gentleman and ladies. I intend to write and post at least one poem until the end of the month. This is a challenge I set for myself, but i invite those of you who have a sincere passon for the written word to accompany me on this journey. A journey that will hopefully conclude with posting a typifying great poem.

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    Re: Enduring Love

    Love is for those who care
    hate is for those who hate
    friends are those who will be there till the end
    parents are those to say never be late
    You said you loved me because you cared
    but at the same time you said you hated me
    as long as your there i will never leave
    Why do u make me mad?
    Make me sad?
    Make me cry?
    Make me wanna die?
    You say u love me
    then u play games with my heart
    and eventually tear it all
    you said u would always love me

    I thought it was true
    but all it was was u being you
    I will always love you no matter what
    this may be true
    even though u always turn me blue.

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