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Thread: Epiphany

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    *Another creative writing assignment*

    I stand before a doorway
    Leading into the unknown

    I look on into forever
    Marveling at what I’m shown

    Stepping forward into nothing
    Yet still finding a base

    I’m led into the void
    Ever searching for my place

    History passes before me, the future whizzes by
    I’ve seen ecstatic children laughing, the forlorn about to cry.

    Reality is a memory in this forsaken land
    But the infinite pools of knowledge are quick to take me by the hand

    As I reach the end of my journey, I see the face of God
    I feel as if I should bow to him, or respectfully applaud.

    As I stare into His eyes, I notice something strange
    The face I see is mine, both calming and deranged

    My head, it starts to swell, as I realize this new fact
    For all this newfound knowledge in my head is tightly packed.

    As the sunshine hits my face, I awaken in new light
    There’s no more quarrel within myself, for I have won that fight.
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    Re: Epiphany

    "Another creative writing assignment" I honestly thought this was the begining of the poem. I suggest when you make a little side note like that. putting (Note: ) or (*) infront of it will help differentiate between that and the rest of the text.
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    Re: Epiphany

    Whoa . . . . *blink* I feel like I just woke up from one of those dreams where I'd swear I was living out an entire lifetime but can't remember anything about it afterwards. Very good poem, very affecting. You have an impressive talent.
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