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Thread: Equivalent Exchange

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    Equivalent Exchange

    Chapter One
    Only the Beginning

    As the two girls Katsuma and Raven walked through the platform in central station, they talked about what they thought would happen to their lives after they passed the alchemy exam.

    “We are so ready for this,” Katsuma stated. She was always the strong one in body and in word. She was also the witty one; Raven had the actual smarts, however. She had hazel eyes that changed colors according to the light, and her hair was a reddish brown that had a bit of white blonde in the front and stopped at her shoulder blades. She was wearing a black ribbed tank top and baggy tan pants that had cargo pockets on either side on the thigh area. She had on thick black, steel-toed boots, and last but not least had on a long navy blue trench coat that stopped around her knees. The only thing that you couldn’t see was the strong armor that covered her shins and the tops of her arms. Standing at five foot five inches, she was rather intimidating. She was also an auto-mail engineer but she only had one client at the time, the one that was beside her and had been ever since the person got their auto-mail arm.

    Raven looked down at her right hand and pulled her black fingerless glove off… you could see the auto-mail’s powerful steel shimmering under the false skin that went up her arm. The seam for the skin was underneath the glove in order to hide it. She gently pulled at the skin and saw the black wolf paw engraving that she and Katsuma shared on the top of their right hands. She was about five foot three and a quarter inches. Raven had the oddest eyes; they were a bright emerald green… they were called ‘magical’ or ‘all seeing wise eyes.’ And to tell you the truth they were. She was always the wise one and always saw things eternally; she also was very good at healing and consoling people. She had deep brown auburn hair with golden strands mixed in. She had on a navy ribbed tank top, and shorts with a long piece of purple and maroon fabric that she had tied around to make it look like a skirt. She had a khaki trench coat that went all the way down to her ankles.

    Raven looked up at the huge green banner with the dragon and the hexagon hanging from a white building, and moved her skin back together, putting the glove back over it and saying,
    “Yes… yes we are,” she said as hope filled her eyes.


    Katsuma was 13 and Raven was twelve at the time, they were not sisters but they had promised to stick together forever…

    Raven and Katsuma were both walking down the road talking about what they had found out about alchemy at the library earlier that day…
    “Hey did you see that part about breaking down random substances?” Asked Katsuma
    “Yeah it was really interesting,” added Raven.


    They saw a huge explosion that threw them against a tree. They both held the back of their heads and winced at the pain.

    “What the hell was that?!!?” yelled Raven trying to make herself heard over the noise
    “I don’t know but it couldn’t hurt to find out” Katsuma coughed.
    “Quite the contrary…” mumbled Raven

    They darted through the trees, following the noise, until they came across a clearing where two men were fighting. A man that had glasses and a military outfit was throwing daggers at his opponent and was the one that was trying to defend himself. The other was a demonic looking man that had alchemic symbols on the palms of his hands with the shapes of the moon and an oddly shaped sun.

    Katsuma and Raven looked at each other, nodded, and prepared for their transmutations.

    “Heh. Here we go. One, two, three!” said Katsuma. Once she said three, she and Raven both split up and went to certain areas in the clearing, Raven near the man in the glasses and Katsuma to center stage. Ever since Raven had lost her arm in an accident, she was able to transmute without the transmutation circle. Katsuma, however, still relied on circles. As Raven made a long glistening black scythe from the earth beneath her, the light temporarily distracted the combatants. She went into a defensive stance for battle. Katsuma quickly drew a circle and transmuted a sword of gleaming red iron and a simple metal hilt. She chose the offensive position and advanced toward the man with the alchemy symbols on his hands. He smirked but Katsuma had the upper hand. Katsuma swung the sword heavily, striking the ground and causing an explosion that sent the man flying backwards into a tree. He got on his feet again and stumbled out of the clearing and into the concealing trees.

    Raven then faced the man from the military. He had a gash across his chest that was bleeding heavily. She hurried over to him and knelt down, setting her scythe down next to her.

    “Are you ok?” Raven questioned worriedly.

    “Uhh… Who are you girls I’ve never seen anyone of your age do alchemy like that before.” She noticed his shallow breathing and placed her hands on his wound, he winced but didn’t complain. She knew she could not heal the wound, so she decided to numb it by cooling it down. She condensed the air around the wound, and then froze it. She gently removed her blood soaked hands from the man’s chest. Katsuma walked beside her.

    “I’m Katsuma and that’s Raven” stated Katsuma “What, may I ask is your name?”
    He looked down at his frozen wound. The pain had completely disappeared. He looked back up, smiled and said

    “Hughes, Maes Hughes.”

    `````````````````````````````````````````````````` ``````
    ~Tell me what you think of chapter one!~

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    Re: Equivalent Exchange

    Awesome story, the plot of the story is freaking kool.

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