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Thread: Equivelancy

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    Where's the equivelancy?
    You made the exchange...
    But the feeling of being slighted
    still pokes at my brain.

    Where's the balance?
    You told me you were in love.
    You never told me that it was
    with both of us...

    Where's the line
    that's supposed to divide us in half?
    He obviously can't see it,
    because he sits there and laughs.

    There's no circle that's
    meant to keep us three intertwined.
    It's only fair to you because
    you can't make up your mind.

    Where's my baked goods?
    Can I have a brownie or pie.
    You have your cake and eat it
    right in front of my leaky eyes.

    Where's the equivelancy?
    I wish I could say that I knew.
    I think it went out the window
    when she said, "I still love you."

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    Re: Equivelancy

    awesome poem sprouthope to see more of your work

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    Re: Equivelancy

    I like the idea and some of the wording. However, the questions start to seem... forced towards the end of the piece.
    Seduced by Flesh

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