There is one thought of which just humans think.
We know at any point we are at death’s brink.
Snow and sand lay apart but in wind drift.
What becomes of the soul that is God’s gift.
All know our bodies rot and decay here.
Will our spirit linger in atmosphere,
And form up some protective living ring.
Is there other destinies death will bring?
Possible the reason souls are not felt,
Maybe they go beyond Orion’s belt.
Do we see them in the white stars at night.
Maybe they are unseen in final flight.
It is true though admitting it will hurt,
All of our form goes back to one with dirt.
Why ask of something so many have found.
To fate of death all things of flesh are bound.

I wrote this the same time I wrote Everything is connected. It was a tough choice over which one I would put in for potm but I decided that I was proud of both and would put one in potm and the other in this forum.