Long ago on the beaches of freedom,
There was once a lad that had dreams.

None other than himself to talk to,
He felt the need to confess his daily thoughts.

Journeying on his own,
From beyond his recollection of life.

No star that he could truly touch,
Sweetly and delicately with his finger tips.

Light that inspired from so far away,
Envisioned within his entire being.

Longing not at all to the sky,
Its beauty out of reach,
Yet offering dreams to the young man.

His mind always at ease,
Till the end of his time.

Nothing could shatter his resolve,
Until the day the man saw his reflection,
Age had caught up to him.

But still the hopes and thoughts remained,
For his dreams had merely changed and had not dissapeared.

Inspired by:

Macross Frontier and memories of Macross Zero

Aimo ~Tori no Hito

A sense of calmness