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Thread: Evangelion The Movie Pre-Trailer Script

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    Evangelion The Movie Pre-Trailer Script

    Hi, I am trying to write a script for a little fanfic short film im doing. Its going to be about 10 minutes long or so mabey allot less like 5 minutes or something. You guys are really good, ive seen some of your fanfictions.

    Can you guys help me create the script? Im shooting it this week. The main character has to be Misato.
    You cannot use any other main characters. The only character from evangelion that will be SEEN in the short movie is misato. This takes place a two or three before the series starts.

    My idea is to start out with misato on a mission or something. I have a pistol we can use and 3 graphic artists to make explosions and such. We also have a

    that we can use. We have two cameras. We have access to a few buildings, a few stores, and two of the buildings are 150ft high.

    This is going to be fun, can't wait to get started.

    Any ideas?


    Between the time I have posted this, This is the script that I have made so far. Feel free to edit it all you want and repost it. Others can edit and repost off of the one you have made and so fourth. This will be fun.

    Ok lets see. Its mid day, bright out, its 8:30 AM. Misato wakes up to an alarm clock, and of course the has a beer can IN the bed. She rols over and starts tapping the desk next to her to find the alarm clock and its going off like mad and she is making moans and just pushes ever thing off the desk with her head still plunged into the pillow. She gets frusterated and unplugs it from the wall. Now she is too tired do anything but can't go back to sleep so she rolls over again and again, swings her body up to the fetal position and rubs her eyes. She Looks at the....

    -----------Scratch script, we dont have an appartment to use I forgot ------- ---------- ---

    This all takes place right before the second angel appears. The storyline is that ASAG has been keeping information from NERV that could have helped prevent the angel attack. This is bassically taking place a few days to a week before Misato pics up Shinji- Ikari.

    We are making Misato look like a BADASS in this script to give more power to her character. This should get people to recognize exactly who Misato is and What kind of hell she's been through.

    This is going to be fun!
    Ok now before you read you gotta know this version 9isnt final and thats what Im hoping to get help on. Through out some ideas. I know you have some.

    SCRIPT -----

    Ok it starts off showing misato (Not in uniform casue we dont have the uniform yet. Limebarb wants 400$ for it and we dont have the money yet) riding in a car talking to someone on a cellphone and she pulls into a coffe shop and takes some coffe'. She goes to a apartment complex to meet someone she was conversing with over the phone. She has an attitude with the person on the phone but clears i up with coffe' of course.

    When she drives to the parking spot she steps out of the vehicle. She walks up to the building and goes inside. There is an elevator with a guy in a suit standing there. He comes by her swifting her some papers.

    The next scene is probably going to be some kind of animated scene or something and then it shows her watching the knews at some kind of desk or something and she is looking at a mission brief from SEELE (Forgot spelling but i think its right). She is going over some nerve papers (its somewhat dark out now).

    It explains a few things about the previous REI catastrophy. She is looking it over and sees the bill and she says"hmmm...... " picks up the phone and calls Gendou Ikari's assistant, "His assistant says, what did you find from the information from seele, I know you read it even though you are never suppose to but spill it Katsuragi." She reply's" oh nothign much just stuff about Rei and the electricity bill but other than that, there only cutting the budget.."

    He says "Alright, well make sure you put them in the mail while your in idaho. We can't afford anymore screwups for You OR Mr. Vendester." "Also theres one more thing, Mr. Vendester is hiding something from NERV Head Quarters and I dont know what it is but anything hidden coming from ASAG (Mr. Vendesters Corp.) isnt good. Expecially after the first impact, Vendester has been giving Gendou his routine of ignoring file requests on the North Pacific Clientell Group. (NPCG) Misato?" Mistao)): "Immmm Lissseninggg' "

    You had better be, this is classified. (Something slams outside her door) Check your mailbox outside, I have sent you specific orders from Gendou. Goodbye, " ((Misato: "Wait one more thing, budget cuts on 4billion now goood byeeeee" Wait misato! Misatooo! :::Click::::

    Ohhh lets see what they want now.

    ((Open doorr causialy,)) ::Cling:::: Hmm.. (Across envelope it reads Classified, NERV)

    "Oh boy havent had one of these in a while. It better not be,..... ((REads the paper pulling it out))

    Damnit Gendou! Ohhhhhhhh! Just when im starting to enjoy myself.... Well... hes going to pay me back for this..

    ((REads the rest, )) ::CLassified, Infetrate ASAG and find Hasigar's portfolio cabinet. It should be located in section B to the right of the stairwell. You should find Mr. Vendesters Office there. He will be gone for an hour or two but you have to make it quick seeing he may be back anytime. You should have approximetly a 4 minute timezone once you open that cabinet. There is a saftey lock but the key we provided you with has a sliding censor on it. Upon openning the cabinet the saftey lock will be activated 5 minutes untill allarm. Then you had better be outa there. Vendester is a son of a bitch when it comes to his office. Your fake NERV id should get you threw secrutiy.

    Mr. Vendester leaves at 1600 tomarrow. Be there or be sorry. Godspeed Misato Katsuragi.

    ------------Sclc NERV STAMP------------
    0`101110`0010110`10 //
    Sclc Confirmed---------\\


    RRR you owe me gendou ((Showing just the right side of her face and nose enfisizing lips.))

    Black out fade out--
    -- ---

    Shoot Day two

    Any Ideas for what happends during infiltration? We have the music ready./

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    Re: Evangelion The Movie Pre-Trailer Script

    Alright Im puting a few finishing touches to the first part.
    Any ideas yet on the Second part?

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    Re: Evangelion The Movie Pre-Trailer Script

    ok i have almost the entire script for this movie completed. We will be shooting sometime soon. Ill post the script later upon completion.

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