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Thread: Eve is the Enemy

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    Let it Be Written Let it be Done

    Hey everyone! I havent been here in awhile, and the long time members know why. But i have written a piece, i know it is unfinished. But i would appreciate your input! Thanka ya!

    I want you to live always.
    Fate will not choose you, for I have forsaken it for you.
    As long as there is a flame in the sun.
    I claim your breath as your right.
    I never want to see you age again.
    It is my desire.
    To never lose you to the unknown that is after death.
    Becoming old, watching the world become its own slave and executioner.
    Witnessing sadness, being forced to testify, truth is no justice.
    You must be a hope, that we will all be right again.
    That the words of sin will wither away, peel of the pages of holy books.
    The story rewritten of our curse to all die.
    Don’t wait to see me again, I will come back to you.
    I don’t know if my faith will allow it, an angel refusing heaven.
    It is an irrational trait of being a human.
    To stay, to always be there, leaving the end, to be at the beginning.
    I accept the end.
    The possibility that I will be stripped of my body.
    Forming a luminous amber star.
    Pulled into the tide of the sun.
    I will become part of its illumination
    The food of the earth
    Its pulse, and yours.
    I will come back to you, always
    my child.
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