~Everlasting Friendship~

I forgot the importance of friendship
I forgot the strength that it can hold
I forgot about all the promises
And I walked away from it all.

I forgot what it meant to be happy
I forgot why life is meant to be sad
I forgot why I always tried so hard
Why I walked away with empty hands.

I forgot why I was loved
I forgot why I was cared
I forgot why I was hurting
And I only made it worse.

I forgot those special moments
I forgot the talks we’ve shared
I forgot everything that you mentioned
And I almost end up dead.

I forgot my friends and family
I only thought of myself
But am I really happy?
To lose them…
Hurts more than death.

I forgot why I avoided the topic
Why I averted meeting your gaze.
I forgot how everything really started.
And I am trying to make amends.

I only forgot for a moment
That you will always be my friend
And even if everything is over
Our friendship will never end.