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    You're a falling star; you're the get away car.
    You're the line in the sand when I go too far.
    You're the swimming pool, on an August day.
    And you're the perfect thing to say.

    And you play it coy, but it's kinda cute.
    Ah, when you smile at me you know exactly what you do.
    Baby don't pretend, that you don't know it's true.
    Cause you can see it when I look at you.

    You're a carousel, you're a wishing well,
    And you light me up, when you ring my bell.
    You're a mystery, you're from outer space,
    You're every minute of my everyday.

    And I can't believe, uh that I'm your man,
    And I get to kiss you baby just because I can.
    Whatever comes our way, ah we'll see it through,
    And you know that's what our love can do.

    And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
    It's you, you make me sing.
    You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.
    You're every song, and I sing along.
    'Cause you're my everything.

    For Chanel
    Alawys look on the bright side...of death! Life is a piece of sh!t...

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    Re: Everything

    Man, its hard to read this kind of stuff when I'm not in love. It makes me jealous. But, I have to hand it to ya... as far as mushie love poems go... this has got to be one of the cutest ones Ive ever read.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: Everything

    You know everytime I read one of your poems it makes me want to start to cry. No one in my life has ever done anything this sweet as to write such a beautiful poem about me. I thank you with all my heart and soul and I'm glad that everyday I can make you happy. Never would have really guessed that one day I would actually be truelly loved by anyone but the darkness...Thank you Chris
    ~I Love You Until The Day I Die~
    I wish a life of a love of a life. Send a light to through the darkest of nights. Let a kiss fly from the heart. Love me like you loved me in our past lives. Send this pain back to me these cold lonely nights. Haunt all my fanasties leave all my dreams shadow yourself once again into me....

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