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Thread: Existance

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    It's so funny how I can ask myself this,
    and not only know the answers,
    but not know them at the same time.

    I ask myself this question,
    "Do I exist?"

    On one hand... I'm alive and well.

    Clinging to the friends I have,
    I keep my spirits high,
    whenever I am with the crew....

    On the other.... I'm a corpse.

    A cold shell,
    with no soul,
    nor embodiment,
    and have no use in a living world.

    So I ask a new question.
    What is existance?

    Is it a mere form of being,
    and having lacking void?

    Is it the ability to know,
    and to have conciousness,
    and beliefs?

    Or is existance,
    that in which you are known.
    To where in this lifetime,
    you must have history,
    and proof.

    Is that what existance is?
    Or be there more to this,
    this oximoronic thought,
    for which i have been thrust to?

    What.... does this word.... mean now...?

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    Re: Existance

    this is good but i do have one question on this >>> shouldn't it be existence versus existance?
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