Pardon this one... I do not have a place to write stories anymore, and so this is practice. My hands won't allow me to write well anymore, and thus this is the way I practice... and on my friend's computer no less... comments, if you don't mind.

Thanks, Justin.

I looked deep into his eyes.
Holding my black edged katana.
I could see the cold,
blood filled stare of my enemy.

My black suit on,
and mask pulled tight around my face.
Only my eyes and dark hair,
visible from this suit of mine.

It was like looking into a mirror,
only the red reflection of my enemy,
and the eyes of anger,
tainted the image I saw of myself.

I rung my hands around the hilt,
and waited for his strike.
The chrome blade of my enemy pointed towards me,
and in a charge he rushed my position.

We leaped and dove at each other,
making sure that only the steel,
of the other blade,
met the steel of the other blade.

Steel met steel once again,
and the blades grinded along each other.
the heat of the blades,
gave off an eerie red glow from each.

With determination in my glance,
I smirked a smirk,
that even a ninja under garb,
could not hide.

He angrilly stared into my eyes,
and with much hate for me grumbled.
"What's with that smirk on your face?
Is there something you enjoy out of this?"

Not a word escaped my lips,
but a nod showed my agreement.
"Then what is it?
Tell me or find your death."

With a massive shove,
I pushed my foe aside.
ready to end the fued,
from ages ago........

By: White Rose