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Thread: Fading Memories of a Snowman

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    Fading Memories of a Snowman

    Fading memories of a Snowman

    Snowflakes falling from the sky,
    Resemble angels white wings,
    A miraculous view it might seem,
    A beauty that is only transitory.

    Many children play snow ball fighting,
    There are others who begin ice skating,
    Some engaged themselves in snowman making,
    A lovely masterpiece they can never miss.

    A product of children’s imagination,
    That is what I understand about my creation.
    Their laughter and smiles comprises my spirit,
    My delicate body is composed mainly of snow.

    I am so thankful for the hands
    Who shaped me into something special,
    Sincerely sharing happiness,
    To an inanimate object that I am.

    I know my memories will not stay,
    The sun will melt my essence someday.
    The trace of a snowman will be long forgotten,
    Until heaven create winter again.

    Thanks for reading, you may post comments or critiques. ^^
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