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Thread: failure

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    the world around me only wants me to fail.
    the rage surppressed with in only agrees with them.
    like a bomb waiting to explode.
    anger is only surppressed so long.
    Im wateing as I fill the bomb with more gun power each day!
    wateing for someone to light the fuse only god knows whos going to do that. but who ever does there doing to hell with me!
    on the other side I wate for someone to disarm me!
    the one im waiting for, the one i need.
    the one hope to keep me from exploding.
    the longer they wate the more i fill. the bigger the explosion!
    I need that one the only one who can disarm me. . . .

    please commite

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    Re: failure

    Looks like you really need someone dud. The poem is really cool, really touch me. I think because I,m waiting for someone to. I write poems to, the problem is that they're in spanish. jaja. I know many can understand it but I will translate them and post it. Keep it up I wanna read more from u.
    Do not dwell in the past... do not wonder about the future... just life the present to the fullness...

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