Not my best work, but I am posting it anyway lol And as always I am open to suggestions.

I have faith in me
even if you just cant see
the person I am the person I could be
tho I am bound to this darkness now
I am determined to set myself free

I am not afraid to rise above what I am
to leave this place and take a stand
Cuz even if I fall on my way up
I have faith I will eventually land
I refuse to free fall like I did before
I have lived with this pain
I can no longer ignore

I will find a way to sore
I am done living with this regret I want more
you tore my hart apart and hurt me to the core
I thought I could do no better than you
but now I know I can walk away
and start my life anew
Now what do you say?

You think I will fail?
well you are wrong, I will sail!
This time I have faith on my side
the assured expectation of things hoped for
but not yet found,
my hart and soul in to this quest I will pour
and when push comes to shove
I will find some one who knows how to love