Fallen Angel

You know it is time to wake
But if you do you mitt just break
The numbness takes over your body with comfort
You know this will only last for short
Maybe its time you wake from this sleepless slumber
But what will happen if you leave this chamber
You feel awake and you feel alive, but its unexplainable what running through your inside
You know youre asleep and you dont feel dead, but you know there is something you must tend
Your mangled wings and tore feathers
Your sore and scared heart
Your blank look of deep passion on your face
Your eyes filled with glittering tears staining your mind
Your eyes are open but youre asleep
There is something you want to keep
If you open your eyes will you fall where the others fell?
Into that horrible burning hell?
Please help me you pled, all you want to do is hide
But that is defiantly not aloud by your pride
You bit you lip
As your mask begins to chip
Slowly it falls to the ground
As you hear all different sounds
You slowly fall too
Into your doom.

And now you know
How I feel and what I dont show
I am a fallen angel that has fell
Into an unforgiving hell
My wings are black
On my wounded back
My eyes are filled with hatred and dismay
As I wait for the day
My tore wings will grow stronger
And feed my souls hunger
I wonder with no trace
My head up in space
My skin is pale and cold
My heart no longer gold
My cheeks white as the moon
I am not going anytime soon
Why lips dry with nothing more to say
I lay here in my own blood that is what I must pay

So remember to this day..

Never wake from your dream
Nothing is what it seems
And if you leave your home
Youll be lost in this dome
Where I fell and where I will die
So please I beg and cry

Dont open your eyes..