I swore to myself I would never cry
Every since that day when I fell from the sky
My wings are lost
For that was the cost
Time has passed since that day
Just how much, I cannot say

As I sat in the endless rain
It almost seemed like the Heavens knew my pain
From a distance, I heard you walking
Your footsteps seemed to do the talking
When you stopped in front of me, I didn't look up
For by that time, I had given up.

But then you held out your hand
And encouraged me to stand
I looked up without a will
But when I saw you, time stood still
The rain itself seemed to stop
Every last single drop

"Never give up and keep on trying withing your mind,
For a strong will is always easy to bind."
Those were the words that you professed
During that moment, I felt so blessed
That day, you gave my life a meaning
A reason for me to keep on living

I felt as though, I lost all my pain
And courage and hope was my total gain
You became my inspiration
For me to reach a brand new destination
I became your friend that day and that is a fact
To be together forever was the final pact

The last thing that we both cannot hide
Was that I was a fallen angel by your side