know my words are always from the heart ... and sorry if it upsets anyone... gome...

I cut my self not because I'm bored
This darkness deep in side of me,
Makes me feel Oh, so cold!
My waking life is there to remind me
The pain is like a thrill, indeed
That keeps me going on living

No blood falls, for my cuts aren't deep
So n o ones there to find me.
My dearest friend worries still
For she knows how I'm feeling
She always stops me and always will
Her worried face is there to hunt me.

What can I do if I feel so blue?
And I have no one to talk to.
My family walk away and make me cry
Never knowing why I hurt so wildly
Living my life in the dark shadow I hide.

Not knowing that it's them that hurt me most
Trying to escape where no one will ever find me
I live a lie that burns me.
For now I sit with my hands scared with time
As the numbness takes over I wish I could die.
Till next time the darkness takes over me..