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Thread: Falling behind

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    Falling behind

    Fallin behind

    When i don't make it to a point
    I start thinking about my mind
    About the past and whats behind
    It pushes me of the line

    Weres theres an eternal pain
    When i start losing fate
    Thats just doesnt go away
    And come back like the rain

    Trying to think whats behond
    About my future home
    I cant keep on going like this
    If i cant keep my hopes
    Or i sit, surrender till the fin

    perdoname michelle!

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    Re: Falling behind

    Thats A really good Poem,it took me a while to understand tho, but when i did it turned out awesome
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    Re: Falling behind

    A few spelling and capitalization errors. They rhyming was cute at first, and remained cute. However, I believe the verse in each stanza shouldnt have rhymed.
    Seduced by Flesh

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