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Thread: Falling, Falling.

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    Falling, Falling.

    This is just a simple poem i did in English the other day


    The sun, it is tasty.

    Thirst grasps me and water, not to be found.

    Sugar-loaded bear melted to the ceiling because of the recent summer-like days.

    Tiredness fills me, my eyes heavy.

    A blue sky is out with fluffy white clouds.

    And the sounds of pencils scratching paper and fingers tapping fills the room.

    A producer of wind, sitting without cause because heat is not here.

    Warm sounds lull me.

    Falling, Falling.

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    Re: Falling, Falling.

    Were you about to fall asleep in class? ^^
    And... how did the bear get to be melted on the ceiling?

    This delightfully remined me of sitting in class. And kudos on the effective first line... what a way to draw in a reader... "The sun, it is tasty"
    ... Not Ever Again...

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