Haven't actually wrote anything original longer than 4 lines in three years, so heres to my hopeful return back to the writing hobby. This one was made at 7am after i stayed up all night, but could not stop thinking about this girl i hate to put it into words. My first poem in short story format, so tell me what you think.

Falling in Love

Another thing that is so weird about falling in love, about the little things we say, that we agonize over, that we wonder if we should have said something else or phrased it another way. Or the way someone smiles so briefly and so cutely that i think i was the only one that noticed the beauty of that quarter of a second movie, that will be playing in my mind for countless times while i sit idle. But after i see that image, i am no longer just idle, but i do have a stupid grin on your face contemplating every aspect of your smile and face. Your face in different views with different lighting, each different type of smile, each laugh, each cough, each sneeze, each possible outcome, I would be blessed by Chuck Norris, to see every single one, just once, and only once, for each outcome is unique in its own right. The glimmer of hope in my life. the real reason i have to take a breath, at this moment, i am living for you, your well being, your state of happiness, and that everyone else gets a share of what i experience when i am around you, that they will hopefully see, the small video of you that i fell in love with. And with it, the touch of warmth, the elevation to the state of total bliss, a hammer of truth smacking me on the head and shouting don’t forget what you just witnessed, because you may not see another glimpse like that in a lifetime.