( orginally meant to be lyrics so the coherence isn't as great as I would want it to be, I had to remove most of it. Please enjoy ^^)

Upon the deacandece of one's soul,
Today's heart demolished.
Darkness of man an over powering force.
Blackening the sun,
As the primordial powers unveil,
we no longer stand veneration.

Grasping material flith,
envy strikes quivering eyes.
Chasing tricks of the day through the night,
Trying to catch the shadows of your greed.
All the visions of a sweet tomorrow are dispelled by your lust and pride.

Words of mendacity linger,
create an illusion of pleasure.
Yeild to such falsity and soon you sleep with the dead.

Irony strikes,
as truth slips away.
Living in cages restricted by your own hand.

Who are you to impersonate god?
It is not a sweet dream,
but the world's demise.