This is for any great anime like GunGrave or Hellsing.

As the warrior sit's he writes,
"Well I hate to write in my poetry book but it's all I have left.This war has gone on for about six years.The general wanted us to run into this war,well he got what he wanted but at what cost.At the cost of untold thousands?Well yes at the cost of untold thousands.Before I go into battle once agian I wanted to write this down so no one else will make my my same mistake.My only mistake was that I thought I could live through this war without hurting someone,I'm was such an idiot to sign my life away.Well I have to go now,good-bye. "
Run away:

If only I could run away,
I would run so very far away,
I can smell the the blood on my hands.
I have to get out of this,
I have to run away,
Don’t ask me why,
Look for yourself,
My friends,
My family,
There all dead.

Can’t you see it?
The ground is soaked with blood.
I have no other option but to run away,
Away from death,
Away from destruction,
Away from chaos.
I won’t stand for it any longer,
My heart is broken,
My body is ill,
My spirit is torn.
My love,
Dispite of me,
You are still the same.
Won’t you run away with me?
(Gun Shots Go Off)