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Thread: A fanfiction that i'm not sure qualifies...

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    A fanfiction that i'm not sure qualifies...

    Okay my sis wrote a fanfic, but it's not anime... it's Harry Potter stuff.
    I personally dont like HP and anything from it, but she keeps nagging me to someone to review it.... fairly...

    Anyways, is it okay to post it or even to link to it?
    I am asking first so i dont make a complete fool of myself... ^^;
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    I am fully aware im double posting, ill delete it once someone actually bothers to help >_>
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    Forever and a day - Part 2

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    Re: A fanfiction that i'm not sure qualifies...

    y nt juz copy and paste it?

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    Re: A fanfiction that i'm not sure qualifies...

    I'll post but if i get screwed over because of it, not my fault people...
    It's currently untitled, so yeah...
    CHAPTER 1:

    Zenith opened her eyes. Morning already? she thought drowsily looking out the window. The sky was a swirling pattern of grey. Like I feel today, she thought sighing inwardly. She slid out of bed and proceeded to get dressed.
    Standing in front of the mirror she inspected her reflection. She was wearing a white long sleeved blouse, a black knitted jumper, a grey pleated skirt, black stockings and her buckle leather flats. She looked wonderfully… drab. She sighed, she knew she could not wear anything else; otherwise her mother would have a fit. Her mother seemed intent on stamping out anything that would set her apart as an individual.
    She swirled her black hair into a bun pinning it at the nape of her neck. That was another thing she’d like to change, she didn’t like her hair so long. She wanted to cut it really short, but once again, she knew her mother would keel over at the sight of her looking remotely like a boy, or ‘out there’ to be exact.
    “You are a young lady! You must start acting like one, lest you bring disgrace on our family!” her mother’s voice echoed in her head.
    She rolled her eyes, other people her age she knew didn’t have to be ‘young ladies’, damn her mother’s old-fashioned ways. She honestly didn’t see how cutting her hair short or wearing colours other than black, white or grey would bring disgrace to her family, what stupid notions. Yet she wouldn’t disobey, it wasn’t worth the trouble; she still remembered the fuss her mother had made when she had cut her own hair a few years ago. These days her hair length was the only thing that set her apart from her sister.

    Zenith’s mother called out to her as she came down the stairs. She hurried into the lounge to see her. Her mother was standing by the fireplace her long black dress sweeping as she paced, her long black hair was netted into a bun much like Zenith’s.
    “Here darling, the letters from Hogwarts have arrived,” she said handing the already opened envelope to Zenith. “We will go shopping for your books and supplies tomorrow.”
    Zenith looked at the envelope, she had been surprised when her mother had suggested that her sister and herself go to Hogwarts, they had been home schooled all their lives. She saw it as quite pointless, seeing as they would only spend a year there, but her mother had been concerned about the coming again of He Who Shall Not Be Named and probably thought they would be safe there. It was probably also something to do with their grandmother’s failing health; their mother was going to become a full time carer for her. Not to mention they would be with their father.
    She walked over to a lounge chair and sat down taking out the papers in the envelope. Her sister came sweeping in, her long black hair hardly cut since birth flowing out behind her. She was dressed much the same as Zenith, minus the knitted jumper.
    “You called mother?” she asked politely, giving her twin a brief smile.
    Their mother handed her an envelope.
    “Oh! When are we going to get our schooling needs?” she asked curiously tearing it open.
    “Tomorrow, so be ready by lunch time,” she told them both. “You may also have some free time after breakfast, for an hour or so, but after that I want you to continue your studies.”
    And with that, she left the room. Rosaline turned eagerly to Zenith.
    “Looks like we passed those tests!” she said waving the papers excitedly. “I should have expected to do so anyway!”
    She laughed and Zenith inwardly agreed, the tests they had been set because they were going into Hogwarts so late had been fairly easy. But Zenith didn’t want to get too cocky just yet, they were to be studying their NEWTS this year and from what she had heard, they were fairly difficult.
    “And it looks like we’ll be seeing that Draco Malfoy on a more regular basis.” Rosaline commented after reading the papers.
    Zenith wasn’t looking forward to that, she wasn’t too fond of him.
    “I hope he won’t be such a pretentious brat this time,” she replied.
    “Oh he will be, especially since he won’t have his father’s sharp eye constantly on him!” snorted Rosaline.
    A house elf came in to tell them breakfast was ready. Rosaline leapt up.
    “It had better not be pancakes, I hate pancakes!” she said making her way to the dining room.
    Zenith followed secretly hoping it would be, she loved pancakes. But she knew it would not be; the house elves would not make something one of the young mistresses didn’t like.

    Zenith put the quill down in frustration. Her mind was not absorbing anything. She looked out the window, the weather hadn’t improved, it was still gloomy grey. A snort of frustration told her Rosaline was having problems concentrating too. She leaned back in her chair admiring the architecture of the library. It was quite a large room, with three bookcases full of books.
    The house elves made sure it was spotlessly clean and this annoyed Zenith. She felt it took away from the feeling of the room, you would never know if someone had been there. It was like that in much of the house, so clean and the furniture so strategically placed that it never looked lived in. She sighed remembering what Draco Malfoy had said when he had seen their house. He had scoffed at its size and then proceeded to brag about his large mansion. She had told him what her mother had told her, that there was no point in having a large mansion when there are only four people in the family. She had also told him, just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you have to. He couldn’t understand and looked at her like she was crazy. But she still liked to think of their house as a mini mansion anyway. A house elf telling them lunch was on the table interrupted her musings.

    Zenith had given up on her studies hours ago. She knew her mother would be angry at her this evening but she was having too much fun making creations out of stacking books. The things boredom leads you to, she thought amused at her childish behaviour. She looked over at Rosaline. She had fallen asleep at her desk, the boredom knocking her out hours before. Just think, she thought to herself, there will be more days of this until September! She stopped and sighed at the bleakness of her life. She trudged over to her desk, her past amusement forgotten and looked at the newspaper she had planned on reading. She casually flicked through it until a name caught her eye, Harry Potter. She realised she would see him at Hogwarts as they would be in the same year. She chuckled at the thought of her parent’s faces if they found out she had so much as talked to him. A thought occurred to her. He is the ‘Boy Who Lived’, so what does he think of the re-emergence of the Dark Lord? She wondered, if I was him I would be extremely worried at the moment! She pondered on what it would be like to live with a continuous dread that someone in this world was after your blood and would do anything to see you dead. She shivered, how does he cope? She thought amazed. Rosaline murmured in her sleep, Zenith supposed she had better wake her before their mother came to check up on them. She gave her a push and Rosaline snorted awake.
    “What’s the time?” she asked sleepily rubbing her eyes.
    “Almost six,” Zenith replied.
    Rosaline went silent. She crossed her arms and looked off to the side.
    “Father hasn’t come home yet, has he?” she asked quietly.
    Zenith shook her head. In truth, she was concerned also about their father. She wondered if the argument last night between her parents had been the last straw for them. But she didn’t want to think of that so instead she hoped with all her heart he would be home tonight. A house elf came into tell them dinner was set.

    There was silence at the dinner table this night. It was usually silent anyway, but there was something to this silence. Zenith shivered and tried to concentrate on her soup. She looked up at Rosaline, who was stirring her soup mindlessly looking off somewhere else. She glanced at her mother just as she made another glance at the doorway. I can’t take this anymore! She thought angrily.
    “Mother, may I please be excused from the table?” she asked politely.
    “You haven’t finished your dinner,” her mother replied annoyed.
    “I am not hungry tonight,” Zenith said getting up from the table.
    She left the dining room for the lounge and threw herself into the armchair closest to the fireplace. She looked at the fireplace with the vague hope that flames would appear and someone would emerge from them. Rosaline eventually joined her and took to pacing in front of the fireplace. Their mother made a brief appearance to check up on them. Hours passed with neither of them leaving the room.
    Hesitant footsteps made Zenith look up. He stood in the doorway looking at his daughters.
    “Father!” Zenith cried and raced over to him.
    Rosaline woke up from where she had fallen asleep on the lounge and made a cry, running over too. He placed his hands on their hair and kissed their foreheads gently. Their mother came in.
    “What’s all this noi-” she gasped.
    “Severus!” she whispered.
    Their father moved away from his daughters taking a step towards their mother. She met him halfway and they embraced, all past arguments forgotten. Rosaline took Zenith’s hand and they left their parents to work out their problems.
    That night as she went to bed in a better frame of mind than the night before, Zenith wondered what it would be like to have no parents, like The Boy Who Lived. But it seemed her mind wouldn’t allow such thoughts this night and she eventually drifted off to sleep.

    Forever and a day - Part 2

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