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Thread: Fangirl Threat

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    Fangirl Threat

    You would be offically pronounced a twat pocket for the following:

    Calling me a total extreme utter complete retard of a fangirl.
    who follows the unwritten rules of fangirlism of being a fangirl

    Calling hot pockets lame
    Not calling me by my given name

    Messing with friends especially my fandom
    Telling me retarded stuff that i don't care about at random

    Saying green eyes are weird when they are hella sexy
    Putting sugar is eggs with syrup, which is hella nasty

    Breaking my fandom's heart when he when he really cares for you
    Which will result with a face plant with my $156 carmello jordan shoe

    Leaving me all alone in the pouring rain
    Telling me to go catch a train

    Making fun of my siggy and avy
    Telling me to cheer up when i am already happy

    Being some girl who's name i cannot pronounce to save my life
    When i send you to the store to buy forks but you come back with a knife

    You don't think my fandom is sexy when he is
    Calling me Mrs. fangirl when it is realy Miss.

    Saying that sandwhiches are gross
    When it is really eating buter with toast >_<

    Breaking my fandom's heart then go along your merry day
    Resulting me in shanking you witha stick and about to say:


    Born to rule, raised to lead, taught to establish: The African Queen

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    Re: Fangirl Threat

    Hmmm... I have a feeling I know what this is about >.<

    Well it's a nice work... A bit angry and funny at the same time... very interesting You have to read somethink like this from time to time... Well you can see that you've tried quite hard to rhyme, but you can not feel it when you read, so nice work with rhyming! Really nice... Though the words were sometimes confusing to me but that's bvecause I'm a freaking latvian! The rythm was a bit odd at some places, but that also was worth it

    Nice work alltogether... Nice to read things like this from time to time, as I said before

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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