yea this is not no emo people. thats all i see here but mine is different. nothing emo about it!

You say you love me
you say you gave a damn
you say you would be here for me and my addition but it was a lie
i still love and care for you
but you just want attention
your too sensitive
your to emo
your not a man.

i am tired of being second place in your heart
tired of our relationship falling apart
im tired of all the lies
and late nights i cried
you love her but you say you want me?
thats the biggest lie you ever told me

you think your so slick, think your the mac daddy pimp
i can't say here and now i still don't love you, but my heart isn't yours
i love him now and he's different
you said he was a reject but yet he has me and you dont
yea we can never be cuz of the years between him and i
but it's better than sit around and pretending i wanna die.
i love me a country boy who actually cares
yea he's weird and a bit out there but who cares
i love him and if you dont like it than go to hell