Like the title states, I wrote this for Monica.Her full name is
Monica Jane Delos Santos.Monica is our class president and is a very essential to our class because she is the foundation of it and has guided us towards happiness and VICTORY! Our class won 2nd place in a contest last August and tonight(which is friday here in the Philippines) she performed with some couples of our classmates in a VALUES seminar held in our school.
I decided to make this poem as an tribute for her transferring to her new.This is not usual for me to make an tribute for someone.She is a very important person to be with.She left our class a legacy that everybody won't ever forget

We will miss you so much everyday
Which you cared so much to say
This is our return for yesterday
We will make your day a lasting may

Our happy days, that lasts for eternity
Spending every second for serenity
Joyful memories,
A lasting memento from us for you tosee
This is the song that we're gonna sing,
To make your last day to a eternal bling

A joyful chanting for you!
All hands high up in the air
Praying for your future's sake
This will end with a blissful well
Our hearts connected this momentary bell
Telling you a sweet scent of farewell
A everlasting song for you to hear
And be happy for you to make

Thanks you for your all help to us
This last melody we will share
Will be an lasting save!
That will draw this momentary pave
A joyful chanitng for you