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Thread: Fate of Us

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    Fate of Us

    Time pushes forward far too quickly, your eyes will see the young get old.
    The strong can become weak even as the timid can become the bold.
    Love is lost, children our becoming adults before you see them grow.
    Such are things only the passing of years are truly able to show.
    Friends part ways and to each personal victories can be lost or won.
    Sadly for the unfortunate few, to soon their days of fun are done.
    For each destiny is picked by God himself no matter who you are.
    You cannot change that, just as the date of your birth, or under which star.
    Woe will surely come to those who must try hard to dodge Destiny’s date.
    Is it worse if we miss it outright or worse if we get there too late.
    To those who may run the wind raises up the raging tide of Fate’s sea.
    Rushing in like a river, its current hurts most those who try to flea.
    Its hold cannot be broken no more than you can swim out of quick sand.
    When it eventually finds your proper shore is when you will land.
    On the shore is shifting sand tracking your time wasted in thoughtless days.
    Many labor in aimless distraction under moon-light and Sun’s rays.
    Narrowly defining our lives as the sum of our occupation.
    Why do we stop greeting the oncoming days with anticipation.
    Do we even bother to get to know the person we live next to.
    Cutting too short our interactions with just “hi” and “how do you do.”
    We cannot neglect our final destiny, we must work hard to know.
    A man bearing an hourglass reminds us soon it is time to go.
    Across the countryside lots bear recording in stone of human cost.
    Ambition might not be reached before life inevitably is lost.

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    Re: Fate of Us

    Well after all I learned that destiny or Fate is everywhere in ppl's lives! and This poem says something to me as well as I read it.....
    Although this poem is somewhat really says something into my mind...
    good poem I lkie this..^
    I loved her so much.... i would dare to risk my own life only to save her from dying....
    I loved my GF...

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    Re: Fate of Us

    Whoah, You Just Gather all the thoughts and the facts that we live it now and put it in this poem. I Think you have a view in this life make you wondering or just make you ask WHY All this happened ,Like what you mention in your poem And I as read between The lines That you A question No One can Answer it.
    I found it Avery powerful, wisdom Poem .I like it...It Just make me wondering And Tell You Great Work you do there.

    Foolish beating

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    Re: Fate of Us

    Being worn down by time waiting for a destiny that may not come......to the point of being the walking dead.......

    This poem should speak volumes to all who read it.

    Other than a few typos, this poem is definitely worth the time to read.

    You know what to do, beast. Keep doing it.
    NoT tHe SiGgY yOu R lOOkInG 4
    Move Along.

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