I'd sell my soul to the Devil to earn the power of a Reaper.
To kill off my problems and take her away from the true evil.
To dispel all the secrets and live my life, without guns, chains and knives.
My knife, tucked in my clothes for fear, he'll pop out and nail me down to the floor. Bash my face and then my skull, after wards nobody would know. I'm tired of lying to my eyes and the hole stabbed into my side.
To be the new living, breathing Faust would mean death to them all.
His blood.
Spewed against the floor, dirty blood painted on the walls. No more fear, no need to hide behind those doors. No more yells of, "fagots", "sluts" or "whores". I'd slash them dead, I'll kill them all!
All those nights I felt like a boy, 18 years old, emotions played with as if they're toys. Smacks and yells, screams of horror, all these sounds last all night, unless time and hours!
Nobody knows, I had to leave, without my mother, now I suffer. I worry about her every day and night, thinking my mother and that others having fights.
Stomach pains, I wanna vomit. Wanna fall from atop a summit. Dump out the pains from out my veins, bleed to death just not to care for the rest! How is she now? I feel her sorrow, deepest fear is she won't breath tomorrow. Hoped that she would soon to follow but now my heart and soul is hollow.
Let me die, don't want more pain. Think I've grown to be insane. Let my vengeance, rage and sorrow, fall from my eyes like acid rain.

(Not the best but it came from the heart.)