What is your type?
What makes you tick?
Do you like them small?
Round? Tall? Or thick?

Is it the way
she licks her lips?
Do you like flat abs?
Or child bearing hips?

Does it turn you on
when she flirts with another?
When a girl adores you,
Do you feel smothered?

Is it better that she can flex
into ANY possition?
Do you value mind connection?
To have the same intuitions?

One girl, just wants a puppet.
She likes to keep you sprung.
But, beware her heart is colder
than the metal in her tongue.

The other, loves you so much
that she loses sleep at night.
Overweight and pigeon toed.
She likes to draw and write.

One feels threatened if she thinks
you'll cut your strings and run.
The other cries herself to sleep.
Because she's not your number one.

Would you ever ease a troubled mind?
Take the love at your discretion?
Or stay wrapped around the finger
of your little faux perfection....