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Thread: Fear

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    A boom of thunder, a crack of lightning,
    here is fear, all oh so frightning.
    The crawl of spiders up your back,
    the darkness that never gets lighter,
    the fire surrounding you in your path,
    the feel of snakes in your bed.
    You better get real, its all in your head,
    the screams of children, the pin-poking pain,
    you worry in panic, its not just a game,
    the red that oozes in the black of night,
    you better run fast unless your ready to fight.
    Its all in your brain,it is just a game.
    Fight for your will, fight for no pain,
    fight for no pain but feel it when you do,
    your on a high cliff you feel a shatter,
    you cannot move nor you cannot breath.
    Fight you must or death you'll be,
    think to your self it's only a dream.
    You cannot wake up,cannot be freed,
    faster and faster your heart keeps beating,
    the fear is strong, but you must over come it,
    you must take a deep breath, and wake from this nightmare,
    do it now, do it fast,
    or fear will consume you, and you'll never come back.
    See what fear can do to your mind?
    It is chaos and you could go insane.
    Remember, its all in your brain.

    Become a wind, unfathomable distress. I'll hold back your loneliness.

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    Re: Fear

    Wonderful!!! A truly magnificent poem!!!! I'll be waiting forward for more!!! I really, really enjoyed reading it... I think just the same about fear- you must fight it, you must win it...

    You've managed to write a very cool poem, I simply adore it and I really want to see more...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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