reminder: If you never heard te song 'Lions, tigers, and bears' then the first part ma lose you abit. ^^

I don’t know
What Jazzmin was preaching
But I am scared
Of lions, tigers, and bears.
Because if I saw a tiger smiling all thirty-two
Or possibily more
at me,
My pants wouldn’t stay
dry enough
While I’d be running
fast enough to save
My life.
Don’t let me
get started on
Bears. Those huge
ass teddies are about
As cuddly as
A bag full of tacks.
That’s like sayin’
I’m not afraid of death
But if you saw
A train
Comin’ full speed
Like a girl who smelled axe,
You couldn’t tell me
You wouldn’t

Being face to face
To Yogi and Mufasa
couldn’t ever compare
To the fear of losing your
Must treasured.

Just imagine:
The look on your face
A distorted and twisted sponge
Squeezing out
Last words in a liquid form.
Your mind over loads
You cant take it,
You’re only human.

You grip your shoulders
Where his hands were
Suppose to be placed
And whispered increasingly
Death happens get over it!
Death happens get over it!
Death happens get over it!
How do you get over
Losing apart
Of yourself?
How do you get over
Losing the only one
who gave a damn?
The only one who knew
You cried when the lights went out
And then comforted you?
The only one
who made you impervious
To lions, tigers, and bears.
The only one
The only one
The only one
Who made the whole
That can’t be
Filled in the blood-pumper
Of your body, that
Fears runs through
Over and
Over and
Over again.
How do you forget
The one that brought fear to you?
You cant because
All long as you remember,
You’ll fear.
As long as you fear,
You’ll always remember.

Never ending
It happens
Like goes on.