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Thread: Feeling Of Yearning

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    Feeling Of Yearning

    a poem about a girl hoping to see her love again but ends up finding out shes not aloud to see him.
    sadness within her eyes tears fall down her face,
    she lets out a sigh and says, "will i ever see him?"
    so depressed laying on her bad thinking what a wast...
    she lets out a big scream but it dosen't help...

    laying down trying to calm herself
    "what if i wont be able to see him?"
    thinking about she might not see him only brings sadness...
    the feeling of sadness longing to see him for so long...

    everything shes hoping for...just wanting to see him...
    knowing she can still hear his voice knowing hes ok,
    walking around trying to calm herself
    "waht can i do?" she says feeling lost,

    such pain in her heart feeling like its about to brake,
    wishing upon the stars just to see his face
    so much to take in is more then she can take,
    she takes a deep breath knowing they'll be togetter soon

    *~A moment like this we will never be able to go back. Holding you like this wanting the time to stop. Just the two of us we don't need words.~*

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    Re: Feeling Of Yearning

    This is really interesting my own thoughts and wow i am speechless about the issue, so im guessing this girl is i know who it is but i cannot say it because it is confidential and now this girl is waiting to seek the answer to her question about seeing him again. This is really powerful in a way that i can hardly comprehend anyways good luck with every new poem you create in the future. Good Luck.

    Magic intervenes when there is love in first sight.

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